Jaclyn Hales, star of Cypher, premiering on the Roku Channel, has used AlgAllure skin care for over 2 years now. Hear what Jaclyn says about her experience with this amazing algae-based skin care line; and don’t miss Cypher! March 2021.

After 1 year, Jaclyn still loves how AlgAllure makes her skin look and feel and highly recommends the skin care line. December 2020.

After using AlgAllure for 1 & 1/2 months, actress Jaclyn Hales, raves about the products. February 2020

Actress, ocean lover, artist, writer, the talented Jaclyn Hales reveals her experience using AlgAllure skin care. December 2019

Nourish your skin with marine red microalgae in AlgAllure skin care. Nina – Sharing a Journey, 2019.

This is how you get beautiful skin like beauty blogger, Nikki Q! Hear and see why she loves AlgAllure® skin care. If you’re looking for a skincare routine that doesn’t require 10 steps or takes a lot of time, you need to hear what she says! December 2018.

Skincare blogger Nikki Q shows you how to flawlessly apply the AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® skincare collection for optimal results. And one of the many great things about this collection is that a little goes a long way. December 2018.

Can you believe that Austin blogger, Nikki Q isn’t wearing any make up? All she has on her face is AlgAllure’s® Age-Defying skin care products. December 2018.

Launch of the AlgAllure® Skin Care & demonstration of how to apply the products. May 2018.

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