The AlgAllure products are truly amazing!! I tried them one night and have been hooked ever since. They’re not lying when they say a little goes a long way – the bottles will last a long time! The cleanser is very rich and makes your face feel so refreshed, the serum is what I consider liquid gold for my face (the most algae-potent), and the moisturizer quenches your skin’s thirst in the most fulfilling way – it’s lightweight, spreads easily, not perfumey or oily, and is exactly how a moisturizer should be. If you’re looking for high quality skincare, this is it!!!     Alyssa Janca // Reich, Texas

After using AlgAllure products after 2 1/2 weeks I can honestly say that my skin is glowing, toned and smooth. My skin was dull and had little wrinkly lines on my forehead and around my eyes. I used the day cream/night cream and serum and I have been getting alot of compliments. My skin is so hydrated and I can hardly see any more wrinkly lines. AlgAllure has truly made a difference to my skin and my life!! I absolutely love it and can’t stay with out it!!! Thank you AlgAllure!!!!     Sushma Bachan // Florida

Just have to brag about this cleanser. I have tried so many eye makeup removers in the past, and the AlgaRiche Cleanser outshines them all and does not burn my eyes ! Immediately after showering, I get a small amount of the cleanser and apply to my eyelashes and area around my eyes, and then to the rest of my face. I rinse off with cool water and it is like magic! From there, I continue with my evening regimen and use the serum, then the night cream. One note: Make sure you do not have any lotions on your hands, that may cause your eyes to burn.     Brenda // Texas

I definitely noticed a reduction in fine lines and remarkable skin improvement after using AlgaRiche serum. My skin looked bright and younger and invigorated. My beautician noticed how good my skin looked. I couldn’t believe it!     Kathleen Molberg // Minnesota

Non greasy, yet nicely moisturizing daytime formula that increased my skin appearance. I noticed increase in firmness and decrease in fine lines. My skin felt hydrated, smooth and wonderful.     Ruby M. // South Carolina

AlgaRiche night cream is awesome, I can’t wait to cleanse and apply it before night time. My skin feels so clean, comfortable and I wake up to a glowing and rejuvenated face.     Etwaria // Trinidad & Tobago