Age-Defying Serum containing PhycoDerm™

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A must-have luxurious, potent dose of antioxidants in a highly active, deeply hydrating serum designed to infuse the skin with free-radical fighting nutrients.  Our Serum contains the highest percentage of PhycoDerm™! AlgAllure’s AlgaRiche Age-Defying Serum is for those who want their skin to look its amazing best. PhycoDerm™… the clinically tested antioxidant powerhouse, derived from our richly superior form of red microalgae is at the heart of all of our formulations.

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12 reviews for Age-Defying Serum containing PhycoDerm™

  1. Sushma Bachan, Florida

    I noticed a remarkable improvement in my skin, decrease in fine lines, increase in firmness, evening out of skin tone, less wrinkles, skin felt hydrated, smooth & wonderful after two weeks of using the serum. Very wonderful product.

  2. Brenda F. Texas

    I feel this product after continuous usage will only get better results. I have noticed a remarkable increase in firmness that I did not have before, improvement in my skin appearance, decrease in fine lines, evening out of skin tone after only two weeks of use. My skin also feels smooth and hydrated. I am pleased.

  3. Katherine, Kentucky

    I had excellent results with the serum. It felt nice when applied to skin and absorbed rapidly. My skin felt tightened but flexible, I noticed improvement in my skin appearance, decrease in fine lines, increase in firmness & skin brightening and evening out of skin tone after only two weeks of using AlgaRiche Age-Defying serum.

  4. Kathleen Molberg

    I definitely noticed a reduction in fine lines. My skin looked bright and younger and invigorated. My beautician noticed how good my skin looked. I couln’t believe it!

  5. Donella, Texas

    After using this serum I noticed evening out of my skin tone, decrease in fine lines and improvement in my skin appearance.

  6. Gail Kitner, Minnesota

    The product felt like velvet. Beautiful product, velvety and just feels good on my skin.

  7. Ruby M. South Carolina

    Loved the texture and emollient result of this serum. My skin got brighter with increased firmness and improved overall in appearance.

  8. Donna W. Texas

    I like that my blemishes came out instead of staying under the skin. I get small blemishes and feel like I pick at them before they are ready. This product made them come out faster and not in a bad way.

  9. Leah LaChapelle, Texas

    The serum is my favorite. I can see the improvement in my skin.

  10. Sherry C, Texas.

    My skin feels soft and smooth after using this AlgaRiche serum.

  11. Loretta U, Texas

    Sun spots on my face seem to faded.

  12. Nikkiq Qiao

    I love the serum so much. It makes my face feel firm. I love how environmentally friendly this product is as well. Overall great product that you will not regret using.

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