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    1. Dear Diane,

      1. Cleanse the face and neck using AlgAllure AlgaRiche Creamy Cleanser,
      2. After cleansing, apply the AlgaRiche Serum to entire face and neck and decollete.
      3. Apply AlgaRiche Daytime Moisturizer during the day to entire face and neck and decollete.
      4. At night time, repeat # 1 & 2 and apply AlgaRiche Night Cream to entire face and neck and decollete.

      Thank you for your question.

  1. My skin has never felt this wonderful! I never knew what it meant to have your face feel hydrated until now. It’s amazing!

  2. I am 65 years of age and developed age spots on my cheeks and could not find anything to take these spots out . I started using the AlgaRiche collection with some hesitation but let me tell you, AlgAllure skin care is worth every $$$! The age spots on my cheeks are disappearing and I am getting so much compliments about how my face is looking clear, clean, fresh, bright, hydrated and so much more. I am sooooooo happy and look forward to the morning and night when I can spend a few minutes taking care of my skin. I will be using AlgAllure skin care for the rest of my life. Thank you AlgAllure for giving us this miracle collection.

  3. I love these products. I am currently using the Daytime Moisturizer and Night cream and I love them. Even with very sensitive skin, these products make my skin very smooth and soft and have felt a very noticeable change in the texture of my skin.

  4. This face cream really working amazing in my face. I also tried it on my mom face and she and she loved it.

  5. Hi everybody, I love AlgAllure skin care. Wow, my face look different, bright now and smooth wow. I am so excited for myself. THANK U ALGALLURE SKIN CARE.

  6. As someone who has suffered from very sensitive skin, I am very impressed with the AlgAllure skin care line. My skin feels so hydrated since I first started using these products and I now understand the importance of hydration of the skin.

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