I’ve Tried a lot of Products for Glowing Skin: This One Works.

Nina from Sharing A Journey with Glowing skin

Are you in search of glowing skin? I’ve tried a lot of products and finally found one that works. This winter has been warmer than most, though we are still in January.  Who knows, the rest of the winter could get really cold.  I haven’t looked at the almanac to see what is forecast, but I can tell you that regardless of the temperatures, my skin is in dire need of moisture this time of year.  None the less, I am interested in maintaining glowing skin. I usually get stronger skin treatments from the esthetician in the winter  such as peels, and IPL so I am looking for simple, gentle moisturizers that will re-nourish my skin.

You may recall this fall when I first tried Algallure skin care.  Well, I’m still on it.  It fits right in with the serums I layer on Korean style each night.  My skin has continued to drink the benefits of the red microalgea extract, sweet almond oil, vitamins A, C and D, green tea leaf extract, camomile and vitamin E to name a few of the calming and skin enhancing ingredients. The texture and brightness of my skin has continued to improve as I’ve used it. I’ve been working on my skin quite a lot lately; I have two brown spots that are in my sights to be obliterated, I am looking to boost collagen and to work on that glow that we all go for.

Nina from Sharing A Journey Glowing Skin

At night, I love washing with Algallure AlgaRiche cleanser, it is very gentle and is packed with red algae which is known for it’s anti-oxidant and skin calming capabilities. Next, I use a  toner with AHA and BHA which I let sit for a few minutes and then rinse off, then I layer on copper peptides, retinol or Retin A and a pigment inhibitor followed by Algallure Age Defying Night Cream or the Alga Rich Serum depending on how my skin feels as I am getting ready for bed.  Mostly, I use the serum because it has the highest concentrate of red algae and my skin feels soft and fully prepped for make up in the morning.

I find that with the more aggressive skin care regimen I am doing right now through my estheticians office, my skin needs the soothing and anti bacterial properties of the red algae in Algallure.

I keep my morning skin care routine simple:  I rinse my face (sometimes I wash it with Algallure facial cleanser if I have used heavier moisturizer at night), apply Algallure Daytime moisturizer first thing, then later, before applying makeup, I apply sunscreen. I then go in with my makeup for the day.  I find that giving moisturizer some time to settle before applying sunscreen and make up works very well; it allows your skin to benefit from all the ingredients in the moisturizer, like vitamin C and hydrolonic acid to do it’s magic.  Vitamin C brightens the skin and helps with cell turn over and the hyaluronic acid in the age defying serum draws moisture to the skin causing it to plump, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores.

get glowing skin with algallure skin care

Keeping it simple:

Not everyone is as “extra” as I am when it comes to skin care, so maybe you are looking for good, simple workhorse products that deliver glowing skin. Thus, I thought I’d give you a simple regimen: Wash with AlgaRiche cleanser, pat dry, massage a small pump of the age defying serum into your skin, followed by a pump or two of the day or evening moisturizer, the night cream contains sweet almond oil so it’s a bit more emollient. Don’t forget sunscreen for day and you are good to go.

January 20, 2020
Nina- Sharing a Journey
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