Yes, all AlgAllure AlgaRiche skincare products are formulated with exclusive, patent-pending PhycoDerm® along with other powerful anti-aging ingredients.

Yes, all AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® skin care products are compatible with other skincare products. However, AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® skincare products are most effective when used together exclusively as a complete anti-aging skincare regimen. NOTE: If you are using prescription skincare products, please be sure to consult your healthcare professional prior to introducing AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® products to your skincare routine.

A.M. Regimen
Apply Serum
Apply Daytime Moisturizer
P.M. Regimen
Apply Serum
Apply Night Cream

You will find directions for use for each of the products by clicking on the product in the SHOP area of our website.  While on the product page, click on DIRECTIONS tab below.

You will find ingredients for each of the products by clicking on the product in the SHOP area of our website.  While on the product page, click on ADDITIONAL information and the ingredients for that product will appear.

The AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® Age-Defying Daytime moisturizer does not contain SPF. While microalgae do contain some natural protection from the sun’s harmful rays, it is suggested that you use an SPF when outdoors. Simply apply the SPF lotion on top of the AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® Daytime Moisturizer. Women using a foundation make-up with an SPF can simply apply it on top of AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® Daytime Moisturizer.  

Yes, all AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® products are formulated without parabens. AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® products are also formulated without sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, GMOs, or Triclosan.

AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® skincare products provide highly effective skin-nourishing anti-aging benefits for all skin types.

In 3rd party consumer studies, 8 out of 10 women noticed a significant improvement in the firmness and brightness of their skin, along with other diminished visible signs of aging after just two weeks of using AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® skincare. Individual results may vary.

This will vary depending on several factors. Some people use products sparingly, while others use more than is required.  Depending on these factors the products should last anywhere from 1-3 months if used as directed.

Yes, you can order from our Shop page. We also include promotional samples in orders from time to time. We encourage you to create an AlgAllure.com account in order to be the first to hear about new AlgAllure® skincare products, skin care tips, and receive exclusive online coupon codes.

We use a variety of fragrances in our products to further enhance the experience of our AlgAllure® AlgaRiche ®collection.  However, these fragrances are used at very low levels. 


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