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Allantoin Helps Scarring

Allantoin: Derived from plants, is a gentle moisturizer (ideal for sensitive skin) that also helps improve skin’s smoothness, and promotes healing. Especially

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5 Steps for A New Skincare Reboot

1. Stay Hydrated Hydration is crucial to general health and wellbeing. We tend to be more attentive to staying

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I’ve Tried a lot of Products for Glowing Skin: This One Works.

Are you in search of glowing skin? I’ve tried a lot of products and finally found one that works.

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What is Algae? Why I Choose AlgAllure®

Algae are recognized for multiple skincare benefits, making them the new hero ingredient popping up in beauty products. As

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Why Hyaluronic Acid is So Important

You will be amazed if I tell you that nearly 50 percent of total Hyaluronic Acid found in the

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How to Apply Your Moisturizer

Back in my day, skincare routines were simple. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer. Done. Today, the requirements tend to get overshadowed

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My Tips on Having Healthy Skin

Skin naturally changes as you age. You lose fullness, gain lines and wrinkles and notice dryness more often –

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The Best Skin Care Treatment Ingredients

There are thousands of beauty products on the market. With so many options available, it is hard to tell

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Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

1. Drinking and applying green tea fights skin cancer. by promoting DNA repair. Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant

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Tiffany Gallehugh, Health and Beauty 4ever Blogger, Reviewed AlgAllure®

Hello Beauties! I was so excited to collaborate with this outstanding sustainable company. I am only going to go

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Spirulina for the Skin

Spirulina is a type of oceanic algae that contains a wide array of nutrients. Known as one of the

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Millennia Spa

AlgEternal Technologies Launches The Algallure® AlgaRiche® Skin Care Line containing PhycoDerm

A microalgae-based Skin Care Collection AlgEernal Technologies, LLC (AET), a Texas-based member of the American Chamber of Commerce of

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Texas Company Launches Red Microalgae Skincare Line

In Texas, AlgEternal Technologies has introduced a new line of microalgae-based skin care products dubbed AlgAllure® AlgaRiche®. The line

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AlgEternal Technologies Introduces AlgAllure® AlgaRiche®, a Breakthrough Microalgae-Based Skin Care Line

  “This breakthrough is rooted in the phenomenal skin-nourishing properties inherent in marine red microalgae, one of the oldest

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AlgAllure Whats in the bottle


PhycoDerm® is the super star of our AlgAllure® Age-Defying skin care product line. A super antioxidant powerhouse extract, derived

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Phyco, derived from the Greek root word for  “algae” and derm, the root word for skin was merged to

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La Grange Company Turning Red Algae into Cosmetic Line

Folks driving west of La Grange on SH 71 at night may have noticed some strange purple lights coming

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