AlgEternal Technologies Launches The Algallure® AlgaRiche® Skin Care Line containing PhycoDerm®


A microalgae-based Skin Care Collection

AlgEernal Technologies, LLC (AET), a Texas-based member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago, launched their first microalgae-based product in Trinidad and Tobago on the 9th June, 2018 at the Millennia Professional Beauty Treatment Spa, Level 1, C3 Center, Corinth, San Fernando. The AlgAllure® AlgaRichie® Skin Care Collection, containing the proprietary red marine microalgae extract, PhycoDerm®, manufactured by AET, provides significant benefits to human skin, including antioxidant activity, deep hydration, evening of skin tone, and diminished visible sign of aging.

Skin Care is important
Skin Care is important for men as well as women and the AlgAllure® AlgaRiche® Collection works on all skin types.

“These Benfits derive from an exopolysaccharide (EPS) from a marine red microalgal species with many beneficial properties documented in peer-reviewed journals such as Marine Drugs,” says CEO of AET, David Ramjohn. One article states that “Polysaccharides with marine origin have already proved to have several important properties, such as anticoagulant and/or antithrombotic, immunomodulatory ability, antitumor and cancer preventive, antilipidemic and antioxidant, making them promising bioactive products and biomaterials with a wide range of applications.”

First Launched in Texas on the 4th of May, 2018, the AlgaRiche® collection has already garnered several great reviews such as: “I have used the full line of AlgAllure® products for about a month now and can pretty much retire all my other skin products to the shelf. The Night Cream is amazing as well as the Serum and Moisturizer.” – Mary C., Texas; “Wow! What a product! I’m 66 years old and have been switching skincare products all my life. Thanks to AlgAllure®, I’ve finally found a regimen I’ll stick with. I didn’t believe it when AlgAllure® promised to work on all skin types, but believe me, it does. Both of my daughters, who are in their 30’s are using it with the same miraculous results I’ve seen. What a game changer in skincare! Thank you!” – Jannie Besal, Charleston, SC.

Patricia Ghany, newly elected President of AMCHAM T&T, attended the launch, representing the Board of the Chamber. “We are ever grateful for the support from AMCHAM T&T,” said CEO Dariel Ramjohn. “AlgEternal intends to set up production in T&T and will rely on several of the business services and networking opportunities available through membership in AMCHAM T&T to achieve its local goals.”

Source: AMCHAM Trinidad and Tobago Edition-2 2018 (LINKAGE magazine)

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